Whether your business is relatively young and HR-related tasks have been handled by a one-person team, or your business has been operating for multiple years with a fully staffed HR Department, THR provides HR Compliance Auditing solutions that meet the needs of your organization. We provide full-service HR Compliance Audits to assess the employment practices, compliance and human resource functions within an organization. Completion of an HR Compliance Audit enables an organization to:

  • Accurately identify the beneficial and problematic areas of current employment practices

  • Strategically plan efforts needed for compliance and improvement

  • Create a template to guide administration on not only industry best employment practices, but also compliance with state and federal regulations.


THR's  Compliance Audits examine the following key areas of the employment life cycle, compliance, and human resource functions, covering over 100 employment issues:

  • Staffing & Hiring

  • Benefits Administration

  • HR Administration

  • Employment Practices

  • Education & Training

  • Time Off & Leave

  • Health & Safety

  • Performance Management

  • Compensation

  • Terminations



Effective workplace policies and procedures have never been more important than in today’s challenging, ever-changing business world.  It is essential for organizations to have policies and procedures developed and implemented based on best employment practices, if for no other reason than to protect your organization and its employees.


  • Uniformity and consistency in decision-making and operations

  • Demonstration of the organization’s values

  • Quick and efficient action and resolution when a problem occurs

  • A framework for business planning

  • Direction of the organization despite periods of change

  • Assistance with performance assessment and accountability

  • Clarification of functions and responsibilities

  • Improved communication for employees

  • And of course, an overall sense of stability and dependability to the workforce​

THR offers solutions to fit any organization size or need including:

  • Review of your current policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the most current regulations

  • Development of individual policies and procedures to meet organizational changes

  • Development of your entire Personnel/Employee Handbook from start to finish.

THR also provides custom training at both the supervisor and employee level to ensure your workforce understands its roles, responsibilities, and expectations.



How employers respond to and investigate internal complaints of harassment, discrimination and other misconduct allegations can have a serious impact both legally and practically, affecting employee morale, productivity and workplace culture.  THR GROUP’s Employee Complaints Investigation and Resolution services can help to minimize these potential outcomes.

  • Conducting investigations and interviews as an impartial representative, experienced in investigation techniques and capable of testifying in court if needed

  • Gathering and reviewing of evidence

  • Developing policies and procedures for supervisors and employees to ensure standardization as well as a commitment to the protection of your workforce, and to minimize risks associated with discrimination or employer misconduct

  • Developing standardized forms and tools to assist with the application of your policies and procedures and ensure appropriate documentation

  • Developing and delivering Supervisor and Employee training on relative aspects of your policies and procedures

  • Mediating negotiations for resolutions

  • Providing recommendations for remedy of the issue within the guidelines of your policies

  • Providing recommendations if applicable for company-wide changes to minimize future risks.